Seven Crucial Building Maintenance Tasks for a Profitable Property

Maintaining a commercial property can be a pretty big job. Expect your property to have some natural wear and tear. But a poorly maintained building will lose its value and pose severe hazards to the occupants. Therefore, it's vital to maintain your commercial property regularly.
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Maintaining a commercial property can be a pretty big job. Expect your property to have some natural wear and tear. But a poorly maintained building will lose its value and pose severe hazards to the occupants. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain your commercial property regularly. This will ensure a safe working environment, free from any health hazards. In addition, a well-maintained commercial property will hold its value against the property market. It will ensure it remains attractive to tenants and buyers in the future. Furthermore, a regular building maintenance schedule can end up saving you money. Issues can be identified and repaired before they turn into costly problems.

At Daklen Building Group, we provide regular building repairs to many small to large size commercial properties. We have deep experience repairing building issues and resolving safety issues. Read on for our list of essential building maintenance requirements that will hold your property’s value and keep it in good condition. 

A regular air conditioning maintenance is vital

1. Service your air conditioning & ventilation system regularly.

The HVAC system in commercial properties is one of your most essential assets in the building. It helps maintain the comfortable temperature of your property, provides clean air, and supports those with allergies. But, when the system breaks down, it can be costly from a repair and productivity standpoint. 

Regularly maintaining the system at least once every three months is vital. The maintenance should include:

  • Cleaning all filters
  • Checking of air temperature and the thermostat
  • Checking all electrical 
  • Check air vents
  • Top-up for gas levels if required
  • Review air distribution

Regular maintenance will ensure it performs consistently and will prolong the life of your system. 

2. Inspect all electrical and alarm systems.

Faulty electrical wiring, breakers, and appliances are some leading causes of fires in commercial buildings. Mark Passfield, Daklen CEO states, ‘We see and repair many properties ravaged by fire. Sadly, in most cases the damage could have been avoided with a maintenance check. A faulty switch or an old appliance is all it takes to spark a fire that can cause thousands of dollars in damage.’

Most fires are caused by faulty electrical plug sockets or dated appliances. Light fixtures and fittings are also a key contributor to fires. It is as easy as a bulb with a wattage too high for the lamps and light fixtures to spark an electrical fire. That’s why it is essential to have a regular inspection at least once a year of all your electrical systems.

3. Eliminate safety hazards and test safety alarms 

To protect the safety of the occupants of your commercial property and avoid lawsuits, it is crucial to ensure your safety fixtures are in total working order. These include everything from fire alarm systems, emergency signs, emergency lighting, and fire doors. 

We also recommend testing all fire alarms at least once a month and replacing batteries once a year. In addition, an inspection of the property to ensure that all fire exits are unobstructed will help avoid devastating effects down the road.

4. Stay on top of pest maintenance 

One of the most damaging issues that can happen for any landlord is a pest infestation. Pest infestations can end up costing thousands of dollars in extermination costs. It will also require the temporary removal of your tenants. This can damage their business and your relationship. 

Unfortunately, a pest infestation can turn into a costly problem well before a tenant notices anything. That’s why we recommend conducting a pest inspection with a professional at least once a year. They will help identify any potential issues and keep those nasty pests at bay.

5. Check that all fixtures are in working order.

The upkeep of fixtures might seem minor, but if damaged fixtures aren’t resolved promptly, they can damage further. Not to mention that they can lower the property’s value. In addition, this can make for some unhappy tenants and create a backlog of work over time. 

Correctly maintaining your fixtures can also help lower your energy bill. For example, by repairing seals around windows, you can eliminate drafts and reduce the cost of your HVAC bills. 

Regular roof maintenance will help prevent damage

6. Check the roof and repair any damage.

We recommend that owners conduct a roof inspection at least twice a year to ensure no risks of leak or damage. It should include proactively repairing any issues before they become more significant problems. We also recommend regular cleaning of the roof. Regular cleaning should consist of: 

  • Clearing debris
  • Trimming any foliage
  • Cleaning and clearing gutters and pipes that may clog up the free drainage of water.  

We also recommend a roof inspection after any severe storms. It will ensure there has been no damage and no leaks have developed.

7. Engage a company to provide regular building maintenance.

Regular building maintenance is a must to protect your asset and the people who work within them. Engaging a professional company to provide a building maintenance schedule is easy to take the pressure off. You will also have peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. 

At Daklen Building Company, we provide building repairs to keep your investment sound. As a commercial construction company, we know what it takes to build and keep your property well maintained. Our team has over 20+ years of experience building and caring for commercial properties. We pride ourselves on our honest, trustworthy service and communication. If you are looking for a company that you know will keep your investment at its best, give us a call. 

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